What is a Course of Construction Insurance?

December 21, 2022 / By: Stampede Insurance Team
What is a Course of Construction Insurance?

Builder's risk insurance, commonly referred to as course of construction (COC) insurance, is a type of protection offered to individuals and companies building new houses. A COC policy addresses any liability concerns that can surface when a new project is being built, as well as its structure and materials.

Construction-related insurance policies vary considerably according to whether the policy is written by a general contractor, a carpenter, or another trade professional.

The construction industry requires general liability insurance as a result of the many potential dangers that can occur during a construction or renovation project. Strong and trusted coverage is highly beneficial for the construction industry in order to protect your operations throughout the project.

Nevertheless, you should make sure that the construction site property, including the equipment and structure, is covered as well. That's when a course of construction policy comes in.

How Does the Course of Construction Insurance Work?

There is a very specific type of property insurance called Builders Risk Insurance policy or course of construction insurance policy in some locations. In its simplest form, it's insurance coverage for buildings that are currently under construction.

COC insurance for contractors is usually required to take on, which covers both the structure and the construction materials on site awaiting installation.

Construction insurance is commonly purchased by businesses and organizations engaged in construction. Property developers, land development firms, owners of under-construction projects, building owners, construction companies, and local governments are some of them.

COC policies are typically taken out by both employers and contractors. Assuring that all parties affected by a construction project are covered is the goal of the course of construction insurance policies.

What Does the Course of Construction Cover?

COC covers certain types of damages, but there may be some exclusions in this insurance type, like many other policies. There are several kinds of construction policies, but the most basic one covers damage to buildings caused by extreme weather events, water damage, and coverage for theft, vandalism, and fires.

In the event that vandals damage your construction project or the supplies on it, you won't be responsible for replacing the building materials you lose in the event that vandals break in. The property involved in the commercial project, as well as the materials and supplies required to complete the project, is under the COC Builders Risk coverage.

There is generally no coverage for projects with damages caused by volcanoes,  earthquakes, or other unexpected events unless the policy specifically covers these kinds of incidents.

In addition to architects, engineers, temporary structures, and other site buildings, the full value of a completed project might also include legal fees, legal fees for consultants, and legal fees for project management.

A course of construction risk policy protects many parties from many risks, but it is not catch-all insurance. Contractors' tools and equipment, regardless of whether they own, rent, or lease them, are not covered. The soft costs of redoing the work are also excluded by some policies. A motor vehicle is also not covered by COC.

Why Do You Need a Course of Construction Insurance?

General contractors and owners have peace of mind with COC. Contractors are assured they will be able to start over if there is a loss, and owners are assured they will be able to rebuild.

It provides coverage for structures and more, as opposed to a typical commercial property insurance policy. It is imperative that all contractors and property owners have builders' risk insurance policies from the best insurance agencies when working on any type of project of any size or scope.

Generally, this type of insurance covers all costs associated with repairing or replacing projects under construction in the event of an accident. In the event that the contractor or builder is sued for damages to the property, it is typically required by lenders to cover their costs.

Additionally, the builder's risk insurance policy covers extra expenses if property damage or mechanical breakdowns causes a delay in construction.

How Much Does COC Insurance Cost?

Costs vary based on what you need from each builder's risk insurance coverage. Adding extensions to your policy may help protect your construction project if it needs more flexible coverage options. In general, coverage limits should equal the anticipated construction cost.

Rather than focusing primarily on the price when shopping for an insurance policy from insurance brokers, focus on what types of insurance are available and the exclusions and limits.

Business insurance policies should be priced reasonably in order to get your money's worth. You can deduct your business insurance policy from your taxes.

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