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People who rent out their own homes may purchase landlord insurance. It is generally composed of two types of coverage: property protection and liability protection.

As the landlord, having both types of insurance policies can protect you against financial losses. Keep reading to get a grasp on what this insurance covers and its benefits for property owners.

What Does Landlord Insurance Cover?

A Renters insurance policy's property protection often helps cover physical things related to the residence you're renting out. This could include the dwelling itself as well as any equipment you keep on-site to assist with its upkeep. The following items are covered:

Property Damage

This includes coverage in the event of a natural disaster, fire, electric/gas breakdown, earthquake, vandalism, or irresponsible renters causing damage to the real estate. If at all possible, choose the coverage that pays replacement costs rather than real cash worth — especially if the fixtures and furnishings are old.

Lost Rental Income Or Rental Default Insurance

If your property becomes completely uninhabitable due to a disaster (serious mold, termites, a rat infestation, or a sinkhole), this feature provides temporary rental reimbursement to cover the rent money you would have received if tenants were renting the property.

Liability Protection

This insurance covers any medical or legal fees that may arise if a tenant or visitor is injured as a result of a property maintenance issue. Some of which include icy walkways, architectural collapse, or an out-of-control hive of bees.

Why You Should Get Landlord Insurance For Your Property

Since renters are generally not held liable when a large appliance breaks down, a person is injured on the property (through no fault of the tenant), or a forest fire damages or destroys your home or burglars simply empty the place, you could be left out to dry for these and other misfortunes caused by humans or Mother Nature.

This underscores the importance of getting this insurance. Not only does it give you peace of mind, but it also assures tenants on your property that they have some layer of protection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Landlord Insurance

Here are some answers to questions you may still have if you're on the fence about buying it.

What is the difference between landlord insurance and renters’ insurance?

The coverage that protects the dwelling is known as landlord insurance. If there is a fire and the building is destroyed, it pays to rebuild it.  Renters’ insurance is similar but it does not cover the dwelling. After all, since the tenant does not own the building, they are not required to insure it.

What insurance is a landlord responsible for?

It mostly provides liability coverage as a standard feature. If you're proven legally accountable after someone is harmed on your property or if you're ordered to pay for damage to someone else's property, it can assist pay for your expenditures.

Is landlord insurance really necessary?

When you rent out your house, landlord insurance is not just a good idea, but also a priority not to overlook. When your house is used for something other than the primary residence of your family, notify your insurance company. Doing so ensures that your claim will be compensated if you file one.

Making sure that your house is maintained and kept safe is imperative during unprecedented circumstances with tenants. Landlord insurance can help you protect your property in the right way. Message our professionals at Stampede Insurance to know more today!

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