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SR-22 Insurance

SR-22 is technically not insurance, but it does impact your ability to drive and get auto insurance. It's a document that your insurer files with your state to demonstrate that you have met the state's minimum car liability insurance requirements. 

This form is also known as an "SR-22 bond" or "certificate of financial responsibility”, but in the states of Florida and Virginia, the SR-22 certificate is referred to as the FR-44. 

It's also important to know that not all states in America require an SR-22 form; six states, namely Delaware, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma, don't require SR-22 insurance.

Read on to know if you need an SR-22 form or a certificate of financial responsibility. 

Do You Need An SR-22 Form?

What many people don't know is that this certificate is court-ordered. Thus, an SR-22 isn't necessary for everyone. If you've been caught driving without insurance or a proper license, it's typically a must-have. Other reasons you might need to file an SR-22 form include:

  • An arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
  • Insuring yourself insufficiently
  • There are far too many at-fault collisions or infractions
  • Infractions committed multiple times in a short period (for example, three or more speeding tickets within six months)
  • Failure to pay court-ordered child support 
  • License for hardship (issued for temporary driving needs, normally to and from work, because your license has been suspended or revoked)

How Much Does A Certificate Of Financial Responsibility Cost?

The cost of filing an SR-22 is relatively low but still varies accordingly. It usually starts at around $25, depending on the state you live in. 

Your auto insurance premiums are one area where you'll most certainly experience a cost boost if your record has a major offense. The increase will be linked to whatever issue caused the SR-22 to malfunction. 

Filing For SR-22 With Stampede Insurance

The state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will notify anyone who requires an SR-22 form. When you apply for vehicle insurance, you'll be asked if you need an SR-22 or a certificate of financial responsibility.

There is no penalty for requiring an SR-22; your rate may be higher, or your chances of acceptance may be reduced, but this is due to the driving offense, not the necessity for the form.

  • If You Already Have Car Insurance: The document can be filed in your state with Stampede Insurance Services. However, you'll have to pay the price for this service.
  • If You Require Automobile Insurance: You'll need to inform our professionals about the SR-22 requirement. "Do you require an SR-22 or Certificate of Financial Responsibility?" should be a question on the policy claim you’re filing.

Frequently Asked Questions About SR-22

Learning more about the SR-22 is important if you have auto insurance. Read through these FAQs to know more.

What is the minimum liability insurance requirement for an SR22 in California?

California requires drivers to obtain liability insurance at a minimum, which pays out if you cause a crash and injure or damage someone else's property, up to certain limits. California mandates the following limits: $15,000 per person for bodily injury liability. Liability for physical harm is set at $30,000 per accident.

What is an SR22 insurance filing?

An SR22 insurance filing is a unique kind of proof of insurance. This formal document is issued by a state-approved insurance provider and filed with the DMV as an SR22 form or Certificate of Financial Responsibility. This form shows that you have the bare minimum of auto liability insurance required by your state. 

What factors go into determining auto insurance premiums?

Many factors go into deciding insurance premiums. Drivers with higher education or who are married, for example, will typically get better rates than those with a similar driving record. Your driving record, credit score, miles traveled, and occupation are all factors that affect your SR-22 claim.

SR-22 is a document that can be hard to claim, and understanding your need for one is vital in maximizing your auto insurance options.  At Stampede Insurance, we understand that coping with the situation that has resulted in your need for an SR-22 is stressful enough. 

Therefore we strive to make this crucial process as smooth as possible for you!  Contact the experts at Stampede Insurance to discuss your needs and possible solutions.

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