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Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance covers materials, products, or equipment used in communication, transportation, or transportation that moves or can be transported. This coverage usually includes covering property that belongs to someone else but is kept at the policyholder’s business.

The first purpose of this insurance was to insure items transported by water. This type of coverage now covers goods on land and is available for commercial and personal property.

Getting inland marine coverage from Stampede Insurance is an optional coverage that gives higher limits if you have an expensive property transferred from place to place regularly. 

Read on to learn more about this business solution and insurance coverage for long-term success. 


Property insurance supplied by your business owners policy (BOP) or commercial package policy (CPP) may be sufficient for many businesses. In general, this sort of insurance covers property held at a single place, but it may also cover tools and equipment employees bring to adjacent job locations.

However, if your company delivers items or equipment frequently, you should consider obtaining this. Companies that convey products to shops and customers aren’t the only ones who need them.

This insurance is particularly critical if you ship high-value goods or materials, which are frequently excluded from standard property insurance. This insurance can protect a variety of specialized equipment and items, such as:

  • Everything from servers to laptops and computers.
  • Equipment for communication and networking
  • Equipment for construction and contracting.
  • Medical and scientific instruments are available.
  • Tools and equipment for photography

Other Coverage

Inland marine coverage can help pay for repairing or replacing portable business property that a covered risk in your policy has damaged. The following are examples of perils that may be covered :

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Water damage
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Mysterious disappearance
  • Property losses

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about this insurance and its coverage policies, read through these FAQs.

What does it mean to have inland marine coverage?

It is commercial insurance that helps cover items, materials, and equipment while transported by truck or rail on land. This coverage is designed to assist moveable or mobile commercial property utilized for transportation or communication.

What’s the difference between cargo insurance and inland marine insurance?

Inland marine policies are property insurance policies meant to safeguard cargo or other valuables while in transit, storage, or holding. Inland marine cargo insurance is a subset of inland marine insurance.

Is inland marine the same as equipment floater?

No, equipment floater insurance is a form of insurance that protects commercial property such as products, tools, and equipment from damage and theft while in transit over land or stored off-site.

Get Inland Marine Insurance At Stampede Insurance Today

Jewelry, furs, fine artworks, cameras, musical instruments, collections, sports equipment, and computers can all be covered under an inland marine policy, which can be added to your general insurance policy to protect your investments. 

Explore these possibilities with Stampede Insurance today. Contact Stampede Insurance and one of our specialists will assess your risk and tailor-fit your policy with the finest protection for your business.  

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