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Commercial Umbrella Insurance

When the limitations on your underlying policies have been exhausted in the payment of damages, Commercial Umbrella Insurance (CUI) provides an additional layer of liability coverage. A personal umbrella policy is used after the liability limitations on the insured's homeowners, personal vehicle, and boat policies have been decreased or exhausted. 

The average coverage for $1 million in CUI is estimated to start at a few hundred dollars annually. Keep in mind that this kind of insurance works as a standalone policy. It also works in conjunction with other liability coverage

Read on to learn more about umbrella insurance coverage with Stampede Insurance before purchasing a policy.

Commercial Umbrella Coverage

Commercial Umbrella Insurance is designed to fill in the gaps left by your other policies, such as General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Employer's Liability. As a result, your Commercial Liability coverage will not "go into effect" until all of your other policy limits have been met. 

Keep in mind that depending on your business location and the surrounding areas may be susceptible if you don't have enough coverage. Claims for liability exceeding the limits of an underlying insurance policy, such as a commercial auto insurance policy, are covered by commercial umbrella insurance.

A commercial umbrella policy covers legal fees, medical expenses, damage to someone else's property, and court judgments. In addition, insurance firms write commercial umbrella plans with aggregate limits ranging from $1 million to $15 million.

Things To Consider When Getting CUI Coverage

Many companies obtain a commercial umbrella policy because they require additional protection against large losses than their core insurance policies can supply. Some firms purchase an umbrella to meet contract limit requirements.

A few questions to ask yourself before making a big insurance purchase include:

  • What level of insurance protection does your company require? 
  • What kind of company do you run?
  • What kind of insurance do you already have?
  • What assets do you want to safeguard?
  • What hazards aren't fully protected?

In addition, one approach to saving money on a commercial umbrella policy is to pay the entire price upfront. Making monthly payments may be convenient, but you'll pay more in the long run. You could pay your commercial umbrella coverage in full if you have the funds.

When looking for an umbrella, there are a few things to consider. Most business umbrella plans are established on forms created by insurers, resulting in a wide range of coverage.

While some insurers refer to their insurance as an umbrella, it is an excess policy. The terms are not interchangeable. An umbrella policy adds additional restrictions and coverage to the underlying policy. Moreover, excess insurance gives additional limitations but no additional coverage than basic insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skim through these commonly asked questions about this type of premium to know more about commercial umbrella insurance.

In the United States, what is umbrella insurance?

Unlike other policies, umbrella insurance extends beyond its limitations. Injuries, property damage, some litigation, and personal liability issues can all be covered by umbrella insurance.

Is commercial umbrella liability insurance available in a conventional form?

As a result, unlike many underlying insurance policies, most commercial umbrella or excess plans are not written using a "standard form" policy. It is vital to read the policy to comprehend what you have acquired.

Is it a waste of money to buy an umbrella policy?

An umbrella policy is not a waste of money for consumers with more than $500,000 in assets. Umbrella plans provide liability coverage beyond the limits of another insurance policy.

Protecting your business in every way you can is never a bad idea. Businesses without umbrella coverage could be forced to pay for lawsuits, medical bills, and other damages out of pocket. 

When applying for commercial umbrella insurance at Stampede Insurance, getting that extra layer of protection can make a big difference in scaling your business long-term. Get a free quote from our professionals at Stampede Insurance to start your journey with us today.

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