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Auto Body Shop Insurance

A single mishap at the car shop may put the company's long-term financial health at risk. Thus, having proper and sufficient auto body shop insurance coverage in place for an auto repair business is critical. 

Auto body shop insurance protects you from any liabilities that garage owners, auto body shops, and vehicle repair shops frequently face. 

Read on to learn more about Stampede Insurance's auto body shop insurance and make smart business solutions for your auto repair shop's future.

What To Know About Auto Body Shop Insurance

Working regularly with clients and their property can endanger your company when issues emerge. You can take steps to limit potential risks and problems by purchasing the right forms of commercial insurance.

Also known as garage insurance, this is required by most businesses that have a physical site such as a garage, parking lot, or storage space where automobiles are repaired or stored. The following are some examples of such businesses:

  • Repair shops for automobiles
  • Shops that sell body parts
  • Lots for towing or impounding
  • Shops that sell mufflers
  • Shops for transmissions
  • Automobile dealers
  • Repair shops for tires and batteries

Protect The Business You Built With Stampede Insurance

You put in a lot of effort as a small business owner to succeed. The last thing you want to happen is for something to occur that would put you in a financial bind. Stampede Insurance recognizes that each auto body shop company is unique, and we offer protection options that handle your risks and give you peace of mind.

What Kind Of Auto Body Shop Is Eligible For Insurance?

Repair shops with tune-ups, breaks, transmission, lube & oil, auto body, glass and engine repair, detail, and similar operations are eligible for auto service risks (non-dealer operations). Other companies with the following services provided are eligible for auto body shop insurance:

  • Service stations
  • Convenience businesses that offer gasoline
  • Car washes that are open 24/7
  • Service stations for automobiles
  • Gas stations with full service

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about auto body shop insurance you should skim through before purchasing one for your shop:

What types of insurance do mechanics and repair firms require?

These plans cover the most prevalent dangers that house cleaners confront. General liability insurance, workers' compensation insurance, company owner's policy, and commercial auto insurance are all must-haves for repair shop operators.

How much does auto repair insurance cost?

Insurance costs are lower for a small repair shop with a few employees than for a large shop with a dozen mechanics. The following are some of the factors that influence the cost of vehicle repair business insurance:

  • Personal property of a company's value
  • Size and revenue of the company
  • Garage keeper's insurance
  • Deductibles and policy limits

How is garage keepers insurance different from garage liability?

A garage liability insurance policy covers property damage or bodily injury resulting from an accident outside of a garage. On the other hand, garage keepers liability pays for damages to the customer’s vehicle.

Get A Free Quote From Stampede Insurance

Since every type of auto-related business poses a different probability of risk, it's no surprise that auto repair shop insurance can be a confusing matter to deal with. It is, therefore, best to seek the advice of a body shop expert to find your shop's tailor-made coverage.

You can get a quote through Stampede Insurance’s online forms. Contact us to speak to professionals who are happy to assist you in exploring your options and scaling your business to a safe and successful future.

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