Should You Get Independent Contractor Health Insurance?

October 14, 2022 / By: Stampede Insurance Team
Should You Get Independent Contractor Health Insurance?

When choosing an insurance plan for your business, the idea of contractors insurance for health may fall by the wayside. However, offering a plan can have major benefits for the independent contractors you work with.

In addition, the benefits of this kind of insurance will also be discussed below.

What Health Insurance is Available for Contractors?

Independent contractors work closely with many contracting companies. Numerous business owners have team members they work with who are often not technically considered employees.

If you have people like this associated with your company, you may be wondering if you can offer them health care. The answer is yes. While it isn't required, you can choose to offer health insurance coverage.

There are many health plans you can choose from, and insurance companies can help you find the right option for your budget and needs. 

Some insurance plans include dental and vision, while others focus solely on standard medical care. The health insurance marketplace is always evolving, and insurance providers keep up as it changes.

You can add contractors to the same health insurance programs available for your other employees. If you choose, you can also create a slightly different plan just for your self-employed team members. Every company is different, and ultimately, you can make decisions about how to handle these important questions. 

What are the Benefits of Offering Health Insurance?

Health insurance has many benefits. It can keep your workers healthy and happy so they can continue working with you for years to come. Giving contractors benefits can make your team feel more like a family and increase retention. There are many factors that go into building a solid, strong team, and this can give you an edge.

An insurance agent can advise you on how to choose a plan that provides health insurance coverage that suits your workers' needs. You can discuss the deductible, network services, and the cost to your company as well.

Small businesses that offer healthcare are also eligible to get tax credits. Healthcare.gov provides further details on how the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit can reimburse up to half of the costs you pay for employee premiums. 

Offering health coverage can also make you more attractive as an employer. If you are looking for ways to advance your business and get an edge over other companies, this could be one route to doing so. You'll be able to attract highly skilled, experienced workers.

What are the Logistics of Offering Health Insurance?

If you offer health plans for 1099 workers that are not full-time employees, it's important to know how to implement this plan. Employers will not need to pay premiums for non-employee workers who get benefits. If you offer a group health plan, you can extend it to non-employees as well. 

Adding more members to a group health plan can lower the premium of other members, such as yourself and other full-time employees. If your company is very small, including independent contractors can help you qualify for a group healthcare plan.

You may also choose to have an individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement. In this situation, an employer reimburses employees for a health care plan that they choose themselves. Some companies choose to offer this to their freelancer team.

Not all insurance companies will welcome contractors into your existing insurance plan, however. Before you add your contractors to your policy, make sure to speak with an insurance representative. 

An insurance expert will help you maximize your savings while still helping workers by offering coverage options. 

Choose the Right ‚ÄčInsurance Provider

Many freelancers would appreciate the opportunity to get healthcare from an employer. Implementing a new health insurance plan will take a little research, but it could be an important part of your business strategy.

When you have a reliable insurance company on your side, it becomes a little easier to make important decisions about your individual company policies. 

Our team will keep you informed on options for health coverage for yourself and your employees. We have spent years catering to contracting companies.

To speak with a knowledgeable insurance agent about contractors insurance for health, contact us at 888-306-7887 at Stampede Insurance Services today!

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