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Los Angeles General Liability Insurance

About Los Angeles General Liability Insurance

As the leading manufacturing center in the United States, the county of Los Angeles has a staggering $707 billion GDP. The economy of Los Angeles County would rank 19th globally if it were a nation. LA is a leading international trade and manufacturing center in the nation.

Los Angeles has more minority and women-owned businesses than any other city in the country, with more than 244,000 businesses. The service sector accounts for the majority of the city’s economy.

Aside from business and professional services, health care and research, trade and tourism are also vital to LA’s economy. Business owners in Los Angeles need a reliable and trusted insurance provider to get comprehensive general liability insurance that fits their needs.

Discover The Right Insurance Coverage For Your Los Angeles Company

The best form of business and asset protection is general liability insurance. Unexpected accidents can seriously disrupt business operations. Accidents can happen at any business, which is why the owner must be prepared.

Having comprehensive general liability insurance for your Los Angeles business will prevent you from incurring unexpected expenses. Our experts at Stampede Insurance can assist you in finding the right policy for your budget.

Insurance Coverage For General Liability

Businesses are protected by liability insurance in case of consumer injuries and property damage, including injuries caused by advertising. Moreover, it enables you to qualify for contracts and leases that require insurance proof.

Businesses with direct contact with clients and customers are ideal candidates for small-business commercial insurance. This policy is commonly known as a Commercial General Liability (CGL). In the event that a customer or competitor sues you, this insurance protects your finances.

Even though businesses in Los Angeles aren’t required by law to have general liability insurance, many landlords, mortgage companies, and prospective employers could require it. It is common for company contracts to detail the types and limits of coverage you must have before you begin work. An insurance certificate can reassure a property manager, bank, or customer. A business can use this document to deal with property damage and personal injury suits.

Services We Provide

Generally, contractors in Los Angeles don’t require business owner’s insurance or commercial property insurance unless they have expensive equipment or a physical location. However, they would still require general liability insurance.

  • Product Liability Insurance – If a customer sues you due to an injury caused by your product, this policy can provide you coverage.
  • Liquor Liability Insurance – Be aware of alcohol-related risks. In most cases, a liquor license may require you to possess this insurance.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance – It offers protection in cases of Cyberattacks and data breaches. Organizations that handle sensitive data need this policy.
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance (HNOA) – Business vehicles that the company uses but does not own are covered by this policy.
  • Commercial Property Insurance – You are covered for your business property under this policy. If combined with a general liability policy, it is known as a business owner’s policy (BOP). 

To request a general liability insurance quote online, visit Stampede Insurance. The application requires that basic information about your business be provided. For more information, please contact one of our representatives in California from Los Angeles, Anaheim, Riverside and San Diego today!

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