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Charleston General Liability Insurance

About Charleston General Liability Insurance

As the county seat of Charleston County, the city of Charleston is the largest city in South Carolina. It was founded in 1670 and was originally known as Charles Town to honor King Charles II.

When it comes to businesses and professional opportunities, Charleston offers plenty of benefits for both business owners and consumers. Major industries have established roots in Charleston, including aerospace and aviation, auto manufacturing, technology, transportation, and tourism, to name a few.

Investors are constantly looking for opportunities in this region. That's why entrepreneurs who are looking to conduct business in Charleston need to protect their investments. Comprehensive general liability insurance can save your business from financial ruin!

Stampede Insurance Has The Right Business Policy

Obtaining general liability insurance is the initial step toward protecting your business and assets. Accidents represent the most significant hazard to the operations of a corporation. Businesses must take precautions against potential accidents and injuries on their premises.

With comprehensive general liability insurance, you can safeguard your Charleston business from these unanticipated costs. With the assistance of our knowledgeable representatives at Stampede Insurance Services, you can choose the plan that fits your budget and needs.

Charleston General Liability Insurance For Your Business

This commercial liability insurance coverage covers common business hazards, such as customer injuries, property damage, and advertising harm. Additionally, it enables you to qualify for contracts and leases that need coverage.

This sort of commercial insurance is excellent for small enterprises with direct consumer contact. CGL policies are also known as commercial general liability policies. This insurance helps protect your company's finances in the event of a customer or rival lawsuit.

General liability insurance is not required in Charleston, but your landlord, mortgage company, or clients may request it. You may offer your property management, bank, or customer peace of mind by supplying them with an insurance certificate. This document demonstrates that your company is capable of managing cases involving personal injury and property damage.

What We Provide

Contractors in Charleston County without a physical site or expensive equipment may not require a company owner's policy or commercial property insurance, but they still require general liability insurance in the event of an accident.

  • Business Property Insurance - This protects your company's assets. When a business owner's insurance is paired with a general liability policy, it is known as a business owner's policy (BOP).
  • Cyber Liability Insurance - This protects against data breaches and cyberattacks. The policy is essential for organizations that process credit cards and other sensitive client data.
  • Product Liability Insurance - If you manufactured or sold a product that hurt a consumer or damaged their property, this coverage can help you pay for any resulting litigation.
  • Hired And Non-Owned Auto Insurance (HNOA) - It applies to automobiles that your firm utilizes but does not own.
  • Liquor Liability Insurance - Protect yourself against hazards associated with alcohol consumption. Typically required for liquor licenses.

Stampede Insurance offers online quotes for general liability insurance. Our skilled agents will help you find solutions for your business needs in South Carolina. Contact one of our customer support agents in Charleston and Columbia today!

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